GNARBOX 4K Edit Demo from GNARBOX on Vimeo.

Your smartphone may have a powerful CPU and GPU, however that doesn’t mean that it is a powerhouse that could process your HD videos real smooth and fast. Meet GNARBOX, a kickstarter project that allows you to edit HD footage on your smartphone without using your phone’s processing power, but rather, the device itself has all the processing power that you will need to edit videos on your smartphone smoothly.

The GNARBOX may look like a mini PC itself as under the hood, it comes with a 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, an 8-core 3D GPU, 128GB of flash storage, two USB 3 ports and one SD card slot, built-in WiFI, up to 8 hours of continuous battery life, IP67 waterproof certified hardware. The device will work simply by allowing you to connect your camera and inserting your camera’s SD card on to it, access them from the smartphone app and voila, you’ll be able to edit those HD footage on the go without using any of your phone’s processing power. Best of all, you could even edit your footage with up to three connected users and it supports up to 4K video editing and uploading directly to video platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.

Literally speaking, the GNARBOX is pretty much a rendering server for your smartphone and while it sounds practical for some users out there, it will take a while for the team to made the hardware accessible for third party smartphone video editing apps, GNARBOX is available to be backed over at Kickstarter starting from $149 as the only available early bird pricing as of now, the team has since reached its goal and will be shipping the device in March next year. Head on to the source link if you want to back this project.


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