Hearthstone: Heroes of the Warcraft are the world’s most popular online card game and they are preparing for the release of its next expansion – The Grand Tournament. This expansion offers 132 new cards to the game; along with a new mechanic called Inspire and it will be active after yours Hero Power is used.

The Grand Tournament is a playful competition themed set that sees knights and champions from across Azeroth coverge on the continent of Northrend. This latest expansion is completely different from previous Goblins & Gnomes expansions that consists of a large number of cards with randomized effects.

Early next week, players will be able to pre-purchase The Grand Tournament card packs in a special 50-pack bundle, on any platform, for one-time price of USD 49.99 (approx. RM 190) up until the official release. Unfortunately, if you are thinking to get multiple bundles in one account, then you can forget about it because you will only allowed to make a single purchase of the pack, and the promotion includes a new card back.

Similar with last two expansions, the player will still be able to buy the packs using in-game gold when the new expansion launches, and the cards will be added to the randomized prizes from playing in the Arena. The Grand Tournament will be launching sometime in August and we will do a live streaming upon the release.