Last week, Blizzard and Samsung have entered into a promotion for Samsung Galaxy S6 users which allow any Hearthstone who logins into their account from a Galaxy S6 will receive a special promotional card back, as well as three Classic packs of cards. However, this promotion only seems to be for the Galaxy S6 series and there aren’t any of the other Samsung deviceseligible for this promotion.

Players will be able to claim their Galaxy Gift rewards at any name and for new players, you require to sign up for an account and complete the tutorial in order to receive the gifts. Besides that, new players that never login to an Android device before, you will receive an extra pack after you play one game on the device.


Fortunately, for the players out there that doesn’t have a Samsung Galaxy S6 series, you are still able to get the card back and free packs with certain ways. First, you can borrow a friend’s device and claim the rewards as the promotion does not require anyone to actually own the phone. Good news for Android users that rooted your phone because according to Reddit thread, you still able to claim the Galaxy Gift by editing your build.prop in your system file. For those that don’t want to root your phone, you still can get the free packs without purchasing or borrow the phone from your friend with the method of deploying an emulator on your Windows PC or Mac OSX.

Lastly, I hope all the readers can redeem the packs soon and open it to receive a few golden Legendary cards.