EK Water Blocks, a company that brings premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer is proud to introduce the latest addition to the company’s first fully in-house engineered computer cooling fan family – EK-Vardar. Dubbed Vardar, this family of cooling fans carry the name of a type of the cold northwesterly wind blowing from the mountains down to the valleys of Macedonia.

The EK-Vardar Fx-120 series fan features high static pressure and low noise profile, which specifically designed for computer liquid cooling systems as radiator cooling. The 7-fin fan blade design is optimized for high-pressure operation while maintaining the low noise profile throughout the whole operating range of the fan. However, Vardar’s design and construction are also very suitable for high-performance heat-pipe air coolers.

In addition, the fan uses a high-quality motor and bearing assembly that will actively cooled motor windings and Double Ball-bearing with 50,000 hours lifespan (MTBF) ensures uninterrupted operation for years to come. The company also retains sealed-edge fan casing as classic but yet have an effective shape of the fan casing ensures optimal performance in either fan configuration.

Besides that, the latest addition to the Vardar family is the EK-Vardar F4-120ER standing for Extended Range. The PWM duty cycle in this model can extend to a range between 25% and 100% and both models (black and white) come with four self-tapping screws and pre-sleeved cable for your convenience.

You can purchase the fan over EK WebshopPartner Reseller Network and APES.my. The fan will price at USD 20.00 (approx. RM77.00).


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