Nokia, a Finnish company’s prospective partner will be expected to “take on the heavy lifting’ in the process of bringing a phone to the market. These include manufacturing, sales, marketing, and customer support for the device from Nokia. However, Nokia, on the other hand, will chip in with design and technology, which have a similar development path as the N1 Android tabletwhich manufactured by Foxconn under a Nokia license.

Besides that, Nokia promises that the earliest that they can deliver their new smartphone to the market will be around Q4, 2016 because the previous Nokia’s agreement with Microsoft for the sale of its Devices & Services business prevents it from getting back in the business earlier. Remember during April 2015, Nokia Company announced that it has no plans to enter the smartphone business because they already sell its devices and services to Microsoft, but during June the company’s CEO hinted at a return to the smartphone world soon.

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The company return to the smartphone world will be a slight hit which will make Nokia fan to scream for it, but will it be an Android or windows phone from Nokia? Only time will reveal more information on what Nokia planning to release in near future.

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