We are all obsessed to our smartphones these days, thanks to instant messaging apps and social media, most of us shuts the world behind us when we are in subways and even more rudely, in meeting rooms. Watch this video, and you will see how obsessed this woman is over her dead smartphone. Uploaded publicly by Facebook user Akira Chan and shot on Hong Kong’s subway MTR, the woman apparently have got her phone’s battery juice used up or the phone is already spoiled, unwilling to cope with the situation she started screaming and wailing about her dear phone, kicking and shaking on her seat like a 9-year old child.

This is a really shameful act and I’m pretty surprised that no one wants to control her in the train, and in my opinion, this woman had better be sent to see a psychologist to get her mind right, and if she happened to be single, it doesn’t come to me as a surprise at all. Watch the Windows Phone ad from Microsoft down below to cheer yourself up, we know the screaming woman has somehow destroyed your intelligence.



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