OnePlus doesn’t want to stop the hype train when it comes to its next smartphone. A few members of the Chinese company’s team took to Reddit for an AMA session, which has a few new details about the OnePlus 2 already been revealed.

According to a picture inside Reddit, underneath the OnePlus One must be the new OnePlus 2 and clearly that the upcoming phone will be smaller than its predecessor. Besides this, the OnePlus 2 is confirmed to come with a 3,300 mAh battery and this will be almost 10% capacity increase over the One’s 3,100 mAh cell.

To purchase this new phone, you’ll still require an invite like the predecessor, but this time the system will greatly improve according to the OnePlus reps. There will be three versions of the OnePlus 2 – A2001, A2003, and A2005 according to previous leak, one of the three models will be released in China, one will be released in North America, which crafted to the people from North America and another one will be tailored for Europe and Asia. The biggest difference between all these three models will be network band support.

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In addition, there is also a poster that unveils OnePlus will release something related to virtual reality and new info has emerged about it. OnePlus will be releasing a special Android app through by July 29 in VR or without VR. Then, after the event finishes, a recording will be uploaded to YouTube that will allow people who don’t have an Android device to watch it.

There aren’t any much more images of the OnePlus 2 has been revealed online, but we now roughly know that the phone will be slightly or smaller than the predecessor OnePlus and the actual answer will be arriving soon.


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