Remember the rig that consists of 24 GoPro Hero 4 cameras? The price to pay for that might probably shatter your dreams on making VR content however there could be a better solution to this, the Sphericam 2 on Kickstarter is a spherical like gadget that will let you record 360 videos with 6-lenses built around it, and it will only cost you a mere $1399 at this time of writing.

Made with an anodized aluminum body, the Sphericam 2 is able to capture 360-degree videos up to 4K resolution with a super smooth 60 frames per second frame rate, the device also houses 4 microphones, 8 tripod mounts, and 6 MicroSD slots which makes it extremely future proof. The camera will record video footage in either H.264 or Cinema DNG formats, and it features real time stitching so you don’t need any software to stitch all that 360-degree footage.

Judging from the sample footages based on a very early build of the product itself, the concept seems promising and the team could do some software updates to improve the overall image quality, the project has already met its goal of $150k and options are running out really fast despite of its expensive price tag, the camera will ship by the end of this year which should be perfect for a Christmas gift, head on to the source link to Kickstart this geeky but powerful VR camera now.

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