GoPro has been a household name for its action cameras, while we haven’t been seeing much new design in this hardware category, the company has announced its smallest high performance Hero 4 Session action camera, a simple cube like device that only has one button to rule everything.

GoPro’s announces its small cube Hero 4 Session camera and new accessories 1

The Hero 4 Session weighs a mere 74g, its 8-megapixel camera will take up to 1440p videos at 30 fps while it features an advanced ISO sensitivity of up to ISO1600 for low light action videography. The Hero 4 Session comes with a non-removable 1030mAh battery this time and GoPro rates a maximum 2 hour battery life when recording on 1080p30, which is fine however a deal breaker for those who uses action cameras for hours.

In addition, GoPro has also announced new range of accessories for all GoPro cameras:

  • The Strap ($59.99) — Delivers nearly limitless mounting possibilities without limiting your range of motion, whether wrapped on your hand, wrist, or leg.
  • The Jam ($69.99)– For the musician in your life, The Jam mounts your GoPro to just about anything on stage, whether it’s a guitar headstock, drum hoop, keyboard, brass instrument, or a mic stand. Highly adjustable, the Jam can score any angle you want.
  • Casey ($49.99) — GoPro’s first travel and storage solution to keep all your gear protected. Casey features a water-resistant, semi-rigid shell to protect against light rain and snow, while a padded interior with removable dividers protects your arsenal of camera(s) and accessories. It will fit inside your backpack, but is large enough to carry everything you need to capture your adventure.

If you are looking for better wind reduction in audio recording, GoPro is also selling the new WindSlayer at $19.99, a foam windscreen that aims to reduce wind noise when performing high speed activities such as surfing and biking, the accessory however, is only available for Hero 4, Hero 3+ and Hero 3 users.

The Hero 4 Session and new accessories will be widely available on July 12th, the camera’s suggested retail price would be $399.99.

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