HP has just released its latest entry level Chromebook in the US, the Chromebook 11 G4 will start from the price of $222, and since we mentioned the word ‘entry level’, you could pretty much imagine how the specs would be.

HP unveils the Chromebook 11 G4 but its affordability isn’t quite acceptable 1

Under the hood, you’ll get a humble Intel Celeron N2840 quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 16GB flash storage and a 11.6-inch HD resolution (1366×768) display, you also get USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, a standard HDMI port and dual speakers. According to reports, the company will provide a higher end model that comes with a better display and more storage.

While you might think that entry-level specs might actually sound pretty dated, the hardware power should still perform pretty well since Chrome OS do not require lots of power to be able to function properly, that 4GB of RAM could do some justice as well since most Chromebooks have only 2GB of RAM. And before we end here, users might actually want to consider the ASUS EeeBook X205 that comes with a better Atom processor and four times the storage of the Chromebook, it also runs full fledgeWindows 8.1 which totally makes owning the Chromebook 11 G4 really aimless.

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