As time goes on, smartphones and tablets have become part of our lives and they have brought friends and family closer with the power of apps and modern connectivity. Cuscapi Berhad, a company famous for its restaurant Point-of-Sales system has recently made a huge hit in Singapore for its REV tablet ordering system and the company is set to make food ordering more trendy in restaurants, which is something for geeks like us to check out other than Instagramming food porns.

REV is both a hardware and software solution, the device itself runs on a customised version of Android in which the company runs its app on, while this allows diners to be able to browse the restaurant’s menu interactively without having bulky food menus on the table, the REV tablet and software will be able to ease operations and it is also designed with the tech illiterate users in mind as it features a really cute Avatar to guide first time users on using the system and till the extent of handling payments on the device itself.

The company has recently made its first deployment milestone in Singapore with six Ministry of Food outlets and six more to go by Q3 this year. Following this success, we should expect the local company to sell its new tablet ordering system solutions to local FnB players soon, because local dining industries are seriously requiring such tech to improve dining experiences.

(Image Credit: BigBoysOven, GadgetsMagazine PH)