For those developers who are installing the second beta of iOS 9 will discover a highly useful iOS 9 space management feature, which can help users to actually have more space in their devices to install major operating system updates. When users attempt to install the new operating system update from Apple – iOS 9 and the device found out there is insufficient space, there’s a popup that offers to temporarily delete some apps in order to make room for the update and smartly the device will reinstall the applications that it deletes early on after the operating system update is completed.

iOS 9 allows App Auto Delete/Reinstall for new software update 1

Due to a lot of feedback coming from Apple users, the company has significantly reduced the installation size of the operating system to just 1.3GB to make it easier for people to find the space for an update, and with this latest features it will ensure that almost everyone can upgrade their devices with little hassle. So now any iPhone or iPad users that have a 16GB variant can relax and let the new features help you update to the latest version of iOS.

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