The LG G4 is a great smartphone and while we have commended the device in our exclusive video then, LG have decided to promote the phone’s battery life that is able to take up to 746 selfies in a single charge, earning the Guinness World Record for the first smartphone to be able to do so.

The LG G4 snaps a world record 746 selfies in one single charge 2

With the help of over 2,500 people in Mexico City, the one and only G4 at the scene took selfies of individuals and group of people in every 10 seconds and LG notes that they actually ran out of crowd to totally drain the phone’s battery, which is impressive for a smartphone nonetheless and defeating a standard point and shoot camera, though it isn’t mentioned if the phone was on some power saving mode or connected to any always on cellular data, we can actually confirm right here that the G4 does indeed have a commendable battery life during our review period.


If you’re ever thinking is ever reaching the Malaysian shores, you should be happy to know that the phone has been detected in our local compliance board SIRIM’s database, which means we should be expecting a launch of the phone really soon, do hit up the Play button on the YouTube player and check out our exclusive review of the LG G4.

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