Today WeChat announced an interesting way to share any Excel and PowerPoint files, setting up mass group meetings while chatting with your colleagues, family and friends within the display of your desktop and mobile devices – WeChat Desktop. Now it comes with international English language support, innovative handy features and functions that are previously only available on mobile applications.

With WeChat Desktop, users can copy or share work-related files by simple as dragging and dropping files over for instant download. Besides that, you can capture, graphics, charts and icons effortlessly through special screenshot tools that are available within this update and you shall no worries about your files missing because everything will be synced across each other.

Now with the latest update you can summon other users to respond in the group chat by simply tagging the individual which in turn will receive a separate notification and the best part is you now can recall back your messages which you send by accident within two minutes.

Here’s the easy step for you to download WeChat Desktop for Window so you can click here, and Mac OS over here. You will require to scan QR code on your first successful login per desktop.

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