The new MacBook’s single USBC connector has given lots of business opportunities and we managed to find a pretty good accessory over at Kickstarter, the Dock Pi is a USB-C hub that extends the usage of the MacBook’s single USBC by offering you two additional USB-C Female connectors (one for charging the MacBook), one HDMI port, one SDXC Card Reader and two USB-A 3.0 ports. In addition, Dock Pi will throw in either a lightning (MFi certified) or MicroUSB cable to complete the package and it starts from US$95 (RM356) over at Kickstarter.

Kickstart Dock Pi, the USB-C dock that elevates your new MacBook experience 1

Available in three colors – Gold, Pink, and Black, what Dock Pi makes a real difference from many other offerings is that it elevates the MacBook’s height and has a built-in USBC connector that conveniently attaches to the MacBook. As the MacBook’s flat and super thin surface can be quite uncomfortable after some time, increasing the height of the device might actually allow better productivity and an ergonomic computing experience, as mentioned by the manufacturer, the dock is very much inspired by Apple’s very own wireless keyboard.

Kickstart Dock Pi, the USB-C dock that elevates your new MacBook experience 2

This is a pretty good USBC port extension hardware if you have limited space on your desk as it looks extremely compact and easy to attach with its built-in magnet that secures itself against the MacBook, head on over to Kickstarter in the source link to back this interesting gadget, Dock Pi will ship on October this year upon successful funding.

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