Thinking when Blizzard going to sell you skins like the game Heroes of the Storm? The developers have announced the new character portraits will be available for purchase soon. There will be only one new character will be available: Magni Bronzebeard, he is a warrior and, the big difference from the Garrosh Hellscream will be the portrait and name only, sadly does not provide a different hero ability. Additional to the purchase, you will receive new taunts for the character, unfortunately, this will be only a purely skin (cosmetic) update only.

Blizzard announced new hero for Hearthstone; Magni Bronzebeard 1

Guess what, the price of this little change will cost you USD 9.99 (approx. RM 38) to get a change on your skins for the portrait only and I guess people will rather purchase the pack of cards instead of the new portrait because a 7 pack of cards only costs USD 9.99 (approx. RM 35), and can be also bought for in-game gold (100 gold) for each single pack.

Blizzard announced new hero for Hearthstone; Magni Bronzebeard 2

In my own opinion, Blizzard should attach a bundle set with the new hero portrait to attract more peoples to actually feel like to purchase it.


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