One of the ultimate Hearthstone Malaysia first grudge matches is happening in 1-day time. In a local competition in our very own Malaysian community, RollsRoyce faced Lalasong in the very first round and lost (video here). According to Hearthstone Malaysia community, RollsRoyce created a huge drama when one of the members posted the video of him losing to Zi Song and rechallenged Lalasong into another match which turned to be a big deal for the Hearthstone Malaysia scene. The grudge match managed to attract many sponsors in a very short period and managed to raise RM300 for the winner.

Proudly announced the two players will be fighting on Sunday at Players Bio (drum roll).

An Antipathy Battle between Lalasong vs RollsRoyce on Hearthstone Sea 1

Gosu Rank: 2nd in Malaysia (23rd in Asia)

First we have is Lalasong aka Zi song, he managed to attain legendary ranking in Hearthstone for every season, which is definitely hard to reach (I managed to reach Rank 15 only). Proficient in many classes and highly experienced in Hearthstone, Lalasong also like to help many players to train for tourney behind the scene without asking any returns.

An Antipathy Battle between Lalasong vs RollsRoyce on Hearthstone Sea 2

Gosu Rank: 11th in Malaysia (112 ranking in Asia)

Secondly, we have one of the most infamous gamers Malaysia has ever had, according to Wanuxi – Billy Chin aka RollsRoyce successfully blocked numerous players that he had played with and his personality is highly active in self-bragging and had taken a hobby of mocking other players.

Match Details:

  • Mode: Conquest Mode
  • Number of Matches: Best of 7
  • Date: Sunday 7/6/2015
  • Time: 20:00 (GMT+8)

The match will commence on June 7th, Sunday at 8:00PM sharp. You can watch the gruesome match with blood and sweat at ChaosHamtaro Twitch.


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