Hungry for new and affordable games to play? How about a game that is similar to team fortress? Good news for you folks! Splash Damage, the makers of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Brink has announced their latest team-based free-to-play FPS – Dirty Bomb. Yes, you’ve heard it right, it is free!

Dirty Bomb is now open beta for everyone 1

There will be 12 different mercenaries, five are currently available for free-to-play. Meanwhile, medic Aura and air-strike dropping Skyhammer will be permanently unlocked for all players without purchasing any additional content. Another additional mercenary pool will be free for a limited time (will rotate each month like Heroes of The Storm). The current free rotation consists of the Kira, Sawbonez, and Fragger. If you wish to unlock all these characters permanently, you can head on to purchase the Ultimate Starter Pack that costs RM 56.00. Besides that you also will get 50,000 in-game credits and two elite loadout cases. This newborn game is definitely worth a try, especially for FPS lovers.

You now are able to download the game over Steam and start playing.


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