Google has been doing a great job on promoting virtual reality, when not many could afford an expensive yet limited Oculus Rift, there’s the cardboard and shortly after, YouTube 360 that doesn’t even require you to wear a headset to enjoy 360-degree panoramic videos. The company has announced a couple of new stuffs on its commitment to support VR content creation.

New Cardboard to fit 6-inch phones, SDK works with iOS

Google on VR: Jump, Improved Cardboard headset and crazy GoPro camera 1

Google has updated its Cardboard headset to support 6-inch smartphones, given that its own Nexus 6 also comes with such screen size, it makes sense that the company start supporting that huge screen size, there’s also a new top button that makes it possible to fit in any phones. On top of that, Google has added SDK support for the iPhone to make it a truly universal VR headset.

Jump, now anyone can create VR content

Google on VR: Jump, Improved Cardboard headset and crazy GoPro camera 2

You see, there isn’t exactly a perfect tool out there that could enable anyone create VR content and that is why Jump comes into action, this VR creation platform features a camera geometry, an assembler and player, which literally allow any VR content creator to edit, stitch and produce amazing 360 degree videos effortlessly, Google has also made an effort to introduce such platform to expeditions and classrooms to enable new ways to watch and learn content.

GoPro + Jump, the crazy hardware and platform combo

Google on VR: Jump, Improved Cardboard headset and crazy GoPro camera 3

Having acquired Kolor last month, GoPro has finally unveiled its very first VR producing rig for content creators which is built out of 16 units of GoPro, this is one of the first devices that will work with Jump and will feature camera syncing, multi-camera control and a superb long battery life, this setup definitely isn’t going to be affordable and Google will begin to seed test units to selected YouTubers (definitely not us) while we should be expecting some cool stuff coming up really soon on YouTube.

Virtual Reality getting common and could become affordable in the long term

With Google’s initiative in promoting VR content creation and coupled with YouTube 360 and Jump, we could expect VR content to get more common in the long term as VR does introduce a new way to learn and enjoy breathtaking content, hence making VR hardware more accessible than ever and affordable in time to come. Bring it on, Google and content creators, Jump!

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