Technology moves fast and as age catches up, most people will not be able to keep up the latest technology trend, the iPhone is one of the easiest smartphones to use out there, be it an amateur, a disabled, your grandpa or grandma, its straightforward usability is unrivaled when compared to Androids, so how does the Apple Watch appeals to old folks? You’ll have to watch this video from TheFineBros, it isn’t exactly a parody but a pretty sensible video that shows how old folks react to Apple’s wearable.

In the video, most of these senior folks do know of the Apple Watch’s existence, while some may not be well informed of what the product will do, some actually criticize it indirectly. For instance, a device that will soon go into the toolbox or the ability to only send Sketch messages across to a friend wearing the very same watch, it even goes to the extent that the Watch seems to be able to replace a Rolex – in a funny way of course -, and I shall leave you to watch this seven minute piece while not spoiling too much surprises here, enjoy!

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