Steam finally meet its competition: GOG (Good Old Game) Galaxy, which is a DRM-Free gaming platform that sets it different from the competition.

Similar to Steam, its feature set includes a friend list, game time tracking, achievements, and chat. GOG Galaxy will have an online multi-player and matchmaking solution that utilizes cross-platform play; those who bought the game on Steam will still be able to play against those who bought the game on GOG Galaxy.

GOG GALAXY? Rival of Steam? 1

GOG has also teased about bringing big-name franchises to the platform.”With GOG Galaxy, we can start bringing new, big games to,” said Piotr Karwowski, VP of online technologies. “The first Major release will be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which will offer automatic updates, achievements and stats. We’re getting ready to release and fully support even more AAA titles in the future,” he continued.

Gamers who would like to try this can download GOG Galaxy open beta here. The platform is currently available to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users.


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