We were sketchy when this news started popping up because we thought it was a localized problem, but Korean publication Asia Today has confirmed some touchscreen problems with the new line of phones from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Reporters at MWC15 ran TSP Grid Mode Test which basically allows you to draw lines on the screen to verify that the touchscreen is registering input correctly. As seen in the video below, the Samsung Galaxy S6 being tested is unable to register touch input close to the bezel.

It is unclear if this is a localized problem or if Samsung intended this, to prevent accidental input when handling the phone. I don’t see this as a real problem (yet) seeing how a lot of buttons are placed with a specific design margin within Android Studio. I could see how much this dead-zone would help though, but I would rather it be a configurable dead-zone to prevent me from accidentally deleting or forwarding messages whenever I am trying to send a voice note with one hand. Whether it is a hardware problem, a software issue, or a deliberate design; I hope the user experience will go unhampered if this really is a deliberate design.

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