HTC impressed everyone with its BoomSound speakers and have continued to introduce them on its smartphone line ups. When some thing works, the other will start doing the same thing. AMP is an iPhone case that turns the phone’s speakers into stereo front facing speakers, it also comes with a built-in 24-bit DAC and headphone amp that enhances the phone’s audio quality dramatically.

AMP turns your iPhone speakers into BoomSound quality 1

AMP doesn’t just work as a stereo speaker but it also has a built-in battery that also charges your iPhone, the company claims that it will increase the battery life of your iPhone up to 25% and will basically play 7 hours of audio via speakers and 20 hours over headphones, which is pretty impressive. What makes me really interested is how AMP is able to produce custom engineered sound on different environments, looking at the commercial closely and repeating it again, I could conclude that the AMP is probably one of the smartest things invented, its processing unit is smart enough to pickup noise levels in the background and the type of music being played, then produce real good sound quality to your headphones.

AMP turns your iPhone speakers into BoomSound quality 2

AMP is now available for preorder at 40% off its original price, the case does make your iPhone look lengthier but hey, good stuff requires some compromises and I don’t think it hurts to carry a lengthy case that does so much things rather than just charging your phone alone. AMP will ship in February 2015 so you’ll need to be patient, this product will support the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s,iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, sorry iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s owners.

Source: AMP

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