Well, it seems like more and more car makers are intending to introduce mobile OS into cars, even our own local car maker Proton has included an Android infotainment system into their latest Suprima S, sadly it didn’t really worked well according to reviews.

Guess what, Audi and Google are teaming up to officially introduce Android into cars during CES (Consumers Electronics Show). According to Wall Street Journal, the duo want drivers and passengers to be able to access to apps and services on Google’s mobile platform. NVIDIA is also said to be one of the key players involving this project, and we can imagine beautiful user interfaces on the car’s infotainment systems knowing NVIDIA’s graphic processing capability, but PLEASE, no more overheating issues from their processors!

We look forward to what will happen in CES next year, and this is the first time ever that Google has officially worked with a car maker to introduce Android into cars as most car makers today merely have Android head units installed into them. Think about it, with Android officially introduced, who knows you might be able to tune your ECU for beastly performance.

How would you perceive if your car is equipped with Android? For us, we simply love that idea!

Source: Wall Street Journal
Image credit: Car Advice AU

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