We recently posted on Sony’s first 2-in-1 USB OTG flash drive, which is the first flash drive to come with both microUSB and USB connectors built into one single device. Without our knowledge, here comes a challenger which offers such similar feature – the Apacer AH171, the cutest USB OTG flash drive that we’ve ever seen.

The Apacer AH171 comes in three designs with storage sizes from 8GB to 32GB. The design names are also very cute – Pinky Piglet, Brownie Bear, and Jumping Tiger. At first impression, the AH171 is quite compact and feels rubbery; Apacer has also cared to include a standard USB adapter for connecting the AH171 to your PC. Check out our video down below and we’ll be doing a pretty quick wrap up soon for some file transfer tests and commenting on the user experience.


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