We have been using this Sony NEX-5T for more than a week. So it is time to tell you how we feel about it. The Sony NEX 5 series has undergone lots of changes and revamps. It then now brings with some cool features such as WiFi transmission, 10fps shooting abilities and more. It is rather a simple-to-use camera with good built and picture quality. It doesn’t let me feel gimmick of it.


It is really light in weight, you won’t even feel you are carrying it.


There is nothing on the right side of the camera? You’re wrong! This is a part where you can Tap your smartphone on it. Then the magic happens, you can transfer the pictures to your smartphone with ONE CLICK! You can also transfer the pictures via Direct WiFI connection. You must download Play Memories App from the Android Store, or the Apple Store.


Thus, I downloaded the App to my iPad and I was able to transfer the files by selecting them from my iPad itself!


This is the back of the NEX-5T, basically we can see it features the Spinning Ring with a Button in the middle, Menu Button (Top Round Button) and a Delete/Exit Button (Bottom Round Button). NEX-5T is the camera for fantastic self-portraits thanks to its 3.0-type 921K-dot Xtra Fine LCD screen that tilts completely forward 180° and down approximately 50°.


From the left side of the NEX-5T we can see there is a Micro USB Port, Mini HDMI Port, WiFi Certified logo. With this Kit Lens, we can simply zoom the camera by just pushing the panel up and down at the back of the Zoom Ring. It does the same Zooming function as the Zoom Ring, it is just an alternative way to Zoom.


This is the top side of the NEX-5T and from the picture above, we can see there is On/Off and a Shutter Button together, Function Button, Playback Button, Movie button to record video and another Spinning Ring which lets you to adjust the Shutter Speed and the Aperature in certain shooting modes. And not to forget, there is a mount on top for us to attach the Flash.


What else can we see from the front side of the camera? The Lens of course! The Kit Lens features a Zoom Range from 16-50mm and Aperature f/3.5-5.6. Not to forget, the most important part of the camera which is hidden behind the Camera Lens. It features Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor with 16.1 megapixels. The sensor is the same size as found in larger high-end DSLR cameras, and is key to the camera’s ability to reproduce smooth tonal gradations and ultra-fine details. I was so surprise that the Camera Sensor is the same size as my Nikon D90! Great Job Sony!


All in all, this camera is really great in picture quality and really portable as it is light in weight and small in size. I will definitely recommend this camera to the users out there and this could come very handy as a second camera other than your DSLR. This Camera handles noise really well as it comes with a DLSR size of Sensor and has higher ISO level compared to my D90.

Tech Specs

– 16.1 MP APS-C sized sensor

– 180 degree tilting LCD screen

– 10fps shooting

– Wifi built in

– NFC transmission

– Fast Hybrid AF

– Touchscreen LCD

– Comes with the 16-50mm power zoom lens

– ISO 100 to 25,600

Below are the sample shots for the Sony NEX-5T

DSC00084 DSC00075 DSC00068 DSC00066

This macro shot is taken with Maximum Digital Zoom, look at the quality. It is not pixelated!


DSC00098 DSC00171

Look how good is the Sony NEX-5T in handling Noise.


You can hardly see the noise of the picture above. The light source is only from the candles!

I will rate this camera at 7/10 for a Point and Shoot Camera.

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