If you haven’t got tired of the number of devices Samsung has in its portfolio, here’s another Galaxy smartphone in our labs – the Samsung Galaxy Trend, an entry level Android smartphone targeted at youngsters and budget conscious consumers. Check out our review video below:

Design and Specifications


At first impression, you’re not going to expect top notch hardware and performance out of the Galaxy Trend. The design is fun, adorable and trendy, just like it’s name, when you’re already used to holding phones that are ridiculously huge, holding theGalaxy Trend feels really great and we just kind of imagine why can’t smartphone OEMs today design smaller phones instead of upsizing the screen with every new product.

The Galaxy Trend may be small, it doesn’t have a slim profile, which we find it reasonable for small screen phones as you won’t feel comfortable holding a slim and small device. Nevertheless, the Trend has the following hardware under it’s hood.

Qualcomm MSM7227A 1GHz Single Core


4GB Internal Storage, microSD expandable

4” TFT LCD at WVGA (800×480)

5 Megapixel AF Main Camera with LED Flash

0.3 Megapixel Front Facing Camera

Mini SIM slot

GSM 850/900/1800/1900

HSDPA 900/2100 at 7.2mbps

Bluetooth 3.0

WiFi B/G/N


Android 4.0.4

1500mah battery

Ice Cream Sandwich and TouchWiz


If you look at the specifications sheet above, you’ll definitely think that we’re just enjoying too much of Jelly Bean goodness or even anticipating Kit Kat to land on this device. But seriously, you’ll be underwhelmed once you know that it is still running on the outdated Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Of course, we have to pardon for the entry level hardware specifications that is not possible to support even Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Samsung claims that the Trend has a great multitasking capability with its processor and RAM size, which we think this could be true in a few years back, as for now, only smartphones with dual core processors and at least 1GB of RAM are able to live up that claim. When a really stripped down version of TouchWiz is still running on top of the OS, we just feel that Samsung could have just ditched TouchWiz and load it with a stock Android UI, as navigating around the user interface feels really slow, worse than aGalaxy Y.

If we were to lower down our expectations, the phone works fine if you do not multitask and expect performance like a quad core smartphone, remember people, this is an entry level smartphone.

Display, Camera and Multimedia Capability


Due to the small 4 inch display, the WVGA resolution doesn’t look too bad on the Galaxy Trend and it is bright enough to be seen under direct sunlight, viewing angles is surprisingly good for an entry level device, which we believe Samsung has at least made an effort to improve display quality for entry level devices instead of using pixelated and washed out display panels.


The camera of the Galaxy Trend takes 5 Megapixel stills and image quality is acceptable under good lighting conditions, colors will sometimes look washed out. Check out the sample shots below.

The Galaxy Trend plays music just like any other smartphone, loudspeaker volume is acceptable and don’t expect any special effects. Forget about playing full HD videos on the screen as the processor is already incapable of playing 720p videos, video playback is only supported up to 480p on the Galaxy Trend.

Benchmarks, Battery Life and Call Quality


The Galaxy Trend isn’t going to have any fantastic benchmarks scores, but nevertheless, we still got this covered for the benchmark believers. The Galaxy Trend scores 2073 and 4261 on Quadrant and Antutu respectively.

Battery life on the Galaxy Trend is average and can also be disappointing, when you have 3G enabled and answering 3-4 phone calls a day, the phone is only able to last up to 15 hours, we are also disappointed with the fact that Samsung can’t provide a decent battery life for an entry level smartphone provided so many software and hardware features have been left out. However, if you’re not a power user that uses mobile data most of the time, the Trend should last you about two days of usage.

Call quality on the Trend is good when you’re on a quiet environment, however on the streets with noisy background, callers have problems in hearing us as there is no secondary microphone for noise cancellation.



We want to love the Galaxy Trend, the design of the phone makes us fall in love with it however the slow performance and outdated specifications seriously left us in the dark. The Galaxy Trend may be good as a spare phone if you needed one, however the retail price is quite high at RM599, which you can already get better phones if you are willing to add more cash, Here’s a summary of what we love and dislike.

We love:

+ Cute, adorable and trendy design

+ Feels sturdy and solid on hand

+ Good display quality

+ Good placement for microSD slot

We dislike:

– Yesteryear hardware specifications

– Ice Cream Sandwich

– Expensive price tag

– Mediocre camera

– MiniSIM instead of MicroSIM

– Disappointing battery life for such specifications

We rate the Samsung Galaxy Trend at 2 out of 5 stars.

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