When Apple launched two iPhones yesterday, their shares drop and many fans were disappointed with such move by Apple. Many complained that the iPhone’s design or software offering still hasn’t changed much since the iPhone 5 and it was one of the most disappointing keynotes that Apple has to offer, however my thoughts over here is kind of mixed. Read on to see my thoughts on this.

Apple knows that it can’t survive with only one product

With Samsung as its biggest competitor in the market, Apple knows that the smartphone market has changed, one product alone can’t last for one whole year when competitors are releasing new products almost every few months. The iPhone has a dated hardware design, all of us knew that, just like how the Galaxy S4 resembles the Galaxy S3. And Samsung has also given its flagship naming convention on another few products this year, such as the S4 mini, S4 Zoom, and S4 Active.

Samsung has seriously destroyed the Galaxy brand and confused its consumers due to this, however this is successful as most people realize that they can get the same flagship software experience although with different hardware specifications and design. The keyword here is “Choice”. Consumers like to have more options when they purchase any product. The iPhone 5S and 5C gives you two choices – either you go for a colorful product or a serious looking product with great hardware capability, and both phones will have the exact same Apple experience, which makes sense.

Many people just got ‘Samsunged’

I’m not going biased here but just looking things in a very general perspective point of view. People aren’t surprised when Apple is going to launch two iPhones with so many leaked pictures and rumors online. Whenever Apple released a new smartphone, most people will turn their eyes to Samsung – YES! I believe everyone does and including me. Samsung has changed the game in the smartphone industry on how you can do more with a bigger screen and a stylus a few years back, and today I would have to say neither of their products are innovative, not even the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear.

Of course, I won’t say Apple’s products are innovative as of now, but you’ve got to admit that Apple has got the quality in every product they release, with good intention and practical features, unlike Samsung which release a new product and throwing in gimmicks just for the sake of releasing. Ask yourselves, how often do you really use Air Gestures and Eye Scrolling on your GalaxyS4?

The Apple Philosophy

Apple’s market it’s products very differently, they care about the experience that users are expecting out of their product, they want to make things simple and not complicate your life, a great example would be their fantastic ecosystem – the App Store,iTunes Store, and iCloud.

Apple makes purchasing decision easy and straightforward for consumers, an iPhone is a smartphone for communication, it will never replace your tablet or computer; if you require a bigger screen to read and enjoy entertainment, you can buy the iPad; if you want to perform advanced tasks, you can go for the Mac; and finally, if you find all of these stuffs just doesn’t address your entertainment needs, you’ve got the Apple TV.

Ask yourselves, are you getting such experience out of your Android smartphone or even Samsung’s devices? You’ve got your answer.

The Bottom Line

The iPhone 5S and 5C are both great products, they may not have the most advanced camera, or have the most groundbreaking features that Apple used to have with the iPhone 4 a few years back and iOS 7 isn’t going to be loved by everyone. But here’s what makes Apple different – the commitment to OS updates and reliability. If you buy any latest Android flagships, you might be getting Android Kit Kat only if your OEMs support it, as for Apple, iOS is always supported until your hardware reached its limits, and you get to enjoy most new features of the OS. People may not care how groundbreaking is the spec sheet of these two iPhones, but if you truly understand how the Apple experience works, you would still want an iPhone. Do you think Apple will survive the year? Share with us in the comments.


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