The Verge has just revealed a possible leak news that Nokia is working on a giant 6 inch Windows Phone, codenamed Bandit, it will include a Qualcomm Quad-Core Processor (we guess it will be the Snapdragon 600, considering Windows Phone isn’t a hungry OS), 1080p display, 20 Megapixels rear camera, which should have a similar design to the current Lumia 925, it will also come with the latest GDR3 update which supports a few features such as driving mode and some UI changes.

We are excited to see how Nokia and Microsoft will introduce this change to the already competitive smartphone market, seriously, Microsoft needs some pushing to make the OS ahead of others, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it is able to satisfy our needs and at least grab more Windows Phone users. We love Windows Phone, we really do, and we want Microsoft to succeed, and Nokia to guide other OEMs on how to move things forward with Windows Phone. Share with us your thoughts in the comments.

via: The Verge


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