Today, the HTC One is still one of the best Android smartphone when it comes to consumer’s purchasing decision, unfortunately the marketing here is still not as good after my rants on a few months back. Now that it has been 4 months since the debut of the One in the Malaysian market, competitors such as Samsung and Sony has sped up to release more powerful devices, namely the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon 800 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra. You see, the specs war always help to win purchasing decisions, and people drooled over benchmarks to decide if the phone is really powerful, and HTC isn’t quite the specs game player as compared to many others.

Now that HTC has announced the Butterfly S, which will be landing at our shores in mid-August and carries a suggested retail price of RM2399, it sits between the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE and Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Really, the HTC Butterfly S stands a chance in making consumers buy the Butterfly S instead of competition models. And here’s why HTC needs the Butterfly S to win the competition today:
The Price is PERFECT

Some may suggest that they would rather buy the One for its better build quality and cheaper price compared to the Butterfly S, but here’s what makes the Butterfly S different. At RM2399, you get to have a larger 5 inch display and expandable storage, which is a plus compared to the HTC One, and of course. The Butterfly S also has a more beautiful design and same set of software features as the HTC One, so you’ve got nothing to lose here. If compared to the GS4 and Xperia Z Ultra, it would make more sense to go for the Butterfly S as the GS4’s features are gimmicks and won’t provide you a truly enjoyable experience while the Xperia Z Ultra is just too big for hands even though it has a crazily fast Snapdragon 800 processor and a superior touch screen.

Premium User Experience

If you ask me which OEM has the best Android skin on their devices, I’ll just give you three alphabets – HTC. HTC has been a leader in the user experience department, they research the way people use their phones, and implement the most innovative user experience on the products they sell. HTC Sense starts all the way from the HTC Hero, then the HD2, you may actually find many of the functionalities of Sense in Android today, such as Facebook contacts link and the e-mail client, HTC has set a standard a user interface standard that OEMs or even Android should have implemented. Today, HTC continues to provide that enjoyable user experience on the Butterfly S with Sense 5.0, which has brilliant features and with very light resource usage. Check out the HTC Hero and HTC HD2 commercial below:

Hardware Performance is no longer a selling point

HTC needs to educate consumers not to judge a product by its spec sheet, just like how they market the Ultrapixel camera by telling people more megapixels doesn’t mean quality pictures. The Butterfly S may still be using the Snapdragon 600 quad core processor found on the One, it is still no slouch in processing power. No doubt there are already Octa core processors in the market, Android is still pretty young at adapting a Quad Core processor, therefore Octa core processors don’t make sense to be on an Android smartphone at the moment. You know who I’m talking about.

When your enemy is too strong, that’s when you start to find their weaknesses

Smartphone OEMs today know that the only way to win a consumer over is to make their products as strong as possible by introducing powerful hardware and innovative software features, but many of them lack of one important element – marketing, and HTC is one of them. While Samsung has the best marketing strategy and advertisements, its products doesn’t live up to its advertisement’s intention, ask GS4 users and you’ll know what I mean. And in HTC’s case, they’ve already done that with the HTCOne, by using the best in class metal casing and state of the art industrial design to let consumers fall in love with it. HTC needs to make sure its marketing is going strong again for the Butterfly S, to educate people not to trust on gimmicks, but to trust a company that builds quality phones with premium software features in a premium price. What do you think of the advertisement below from Samsung tells you?

While in Malaysia…

I’m going to say this again – HTC Malaysia, have you run out of marketing budget? I hardly see any HTC One commercial or billboards anywhere in KL, even our local smartphone OEM Ninetology is doing better than you. When the Butterfly S is released, you better make sure you market the phone well, if I were to recall, there isn’t even one single advertisement or poster of the original HTC Butterfly – I can only see them in phone shops as far as I’m concerned. What do you think HTC needs to do to win consumer’s heart in Malaysia? Share us your thoughts in the comments down below.

Before you leave, let’s bring up the HTC Butterfly S video commercial, shall we?

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