The Nokia Lumia 1020 recently caused a ‘WOW’ in the smartphone world. It has no doubt the best optics and imaging software under the hood, reviewers were impressed on how great the camera performance is and how Nokia is trying to breakthrough every manufacturer’s way of designing their smartphone’s camera optics. But here’s a question, is the Lumia1020 going to be the best smartphone around? We discuss in a few points below

Windows Phone and Microsoft

Microsoft has been doing a lot of hard work promoting Windows Phone 8 everywhere, and those commercials have been great, and I’ve seen a siginificant amount of my friends switching from either their beloved Android or iOS devices to a Windows Phone. And in the recent WWDC 2013, Windows Phone even holds 2nd to iOS on customer satisfaction, which means there could be a chance that Windows Phone share can easily take over iOS if they do it right.

But the problem lies in here, while Nokia has been doing really great in supporting Windows Phone, what about Microsoft? The greatest competitor here is no doubt Android, OEMs have the flexibility to build any powerful hardware to power their devices, whereas Windows Phone is pretty limited to Microsoft’s own set of specifications and you cannot go more than its required hardware, such as implementing a higher resolution screen or more powerful processor.

True, Windows Phone may not require such powerful hardware, but the problem here is hardware gets dated easily and if they keep maintaining the same set of hardware specifications, developers will be limited to develop apps that can only take advantage of its current hardware. Of course, I may be wrong, but hey, anyone will appreciate if Lumia 1020 could get a real bump in all hardware but not just the camera part right?

41 Megapixels? How much will people appreciate it?

Professional photographers will probably laugh at people who buy the Lumia 1020 for its crazy 41 Megapixels camera. The Lumia1020 should have an estimated price tag of around RM2299 when it gets released here in Malaysia, but think about it, you are able to invest your hard earn money in an entry level DSLR, which gives you a better shooting experience and better imaging quality.

As some smartphone OEMs claim, such as HTC, megapixels doesn’t matter and what is most important is to increase the lens size to absorb more light and capture more detail, and they make the Ultrapixel camera of the HTC One to capture a mere 4 Megapixel resolution; pictures in this size results in better storage space usage and causes less data to be used when uploading them to cloud or social networks.

Another example would be compact point and shoots, where their price is so much cheaper and can take great pictures although at lower resolutions compared to the Lumia 1020, some are even feature packed that you can just use Wi-Fi to upload your pictures and videos.

With these points above, how do you think the mass consumer will be able to appreciate this effort by Nokia? The whole point of this part is – Price.


You can disagree with me on this. But I personally feel that Nokia’s flagship Lumia devices are never beautiful, the design never attracts me, and that makes me choose the HTC 8X even though it is not as good as the Lumia 920 when I purchased myWindows Phone 8 smartphone, and when they implement a 41 Megapixel Pureview camera on the Lumia 1020, it is obvious they need to make the device thicker to fit the sensor in.

So, here’s the deal breaker, are you willing to carry a thick phone in your pocket just because you want to use its camera? Or are you willing to sacrifice the image quality and buy a nicer design and with similar priced smartphone? Take your pick.

Microsoft is the key to Nokia’s future

Finally, Microsoft have to budge up on improving Windows Phone, the Windows Phone store has improved a lot but still need a lot of support from developers, as the saying goes, a smartphone isn’t great when it has great hardware but lack of software support for it – the Nokia 808 Pureview and N9 is a good example. Nokia has done things right, they have made one of the best hardware in the smartphone world, but the operating system needs to be good to push them forward, and make these great stuffs available easily in every flagship they release.

And now, if only Microsoft is going to come out with fantastic improvements on Windows Phone 8.1, I’m going to hold my breathe to see if the Lumia 1020 is going to be the best smartphone at the moment. And you readers, always have your own opinion on what makes a smartphone the best. Share with us in the comments below if you think the Lumia 1020 is going to hold its fame for some time.


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