“No removable battery, no expandable storage”, this is the usual complain that you will hear from your friends and end users when purchasing a new smartphone. We always try to find devices that has the best of both worlds, and that is the most difficult part when we have limited cash on hand.

So why am I saying that you shouldn’t really care about these compromises? Read on.

Removable batteries are no longer a deal breaker

Editorial: Why you shouldn’t care about removable storage and battery on smartphones? 1

Before you readers start banging me in the comments, I’ve to say this is merely an opinion and might not apply to everyone. Think about the current smartphone selections that you have, most of them have built in battery, so if you really care about removable batteries, then you only have very few choices on buying your ‘perfect’ smartphone. In year 2009, Apple wowed the world with the iPhone – the first smartphone that has a non-removable battery, and a lot of people mocked at it and said it was a big compromise to set a decision to purchase it. Fast forward today, take a look at how many flagships are designed with built-in battery.

There is a reason why smartphone manufacturers choose to remove the need for removable batteries – Design. Phones with built-in battery are easier to manufacture and the design can be changed very easily, compare to those with a removable battery, manufacturers will have to purposely design a compartment for the battery.

As in why I said removable batteries are not useful, it is due to portability, even though it can be slipped easily into your wallet or tucked away in your bag, it is going to be very troublesome as you are adding one block of stuff into your wallet and you might even find it difficult to search for it in your bag. Furthermore, you’re going to charge two batteries when both run out of juice.

Solution? You have power banks, large capacity power banks that can go up to 30000mah, and it cost less than RM200, making it even cheaper to invest on a standard smartphone removable battery. Of course, an external power bank is no small stuff, but it can at least help to save time on removing the battery and waiting for the phone to power up, best of all, it is cheap and last for a few full charge if your power bank’s capacity is big.

Editorial: Why you shouldn’t care about removable storage and battery on smartphones? 2

With USB OTG, why do you still need expandable storage?

Editorial: Why you shouldn’t care about removable storage and battery on smartphones? 3

USB OTG (On-the-Go) is available on most flagship smartphones in the market (except Windows Phone), for those who don’t know, it is a cable that can be attached to your smartphone to connect USB hard drives, pen drives and even a mouse. In most situations today, we’ll always have a pendrive or USB hard drive to store HD movies and memorable pictures, which is why I personally feel that smartphones without expandable storage is not a big deal as we can just plug USB storage devices into our smartphones by just purchasing a RM10 USB OTG cable.

Furthermore, expandable storage have slower access speeds and less reliable compared to built-in flash storage, and flagship smartphones today usually have a minimum of 32GB of storage, which is sufficient for the majority. Most importantly, memory cards are much more expensive than a USB pendrive, a 32GB MicroSD card costs around RM99 whereas a pendrive costs about RM60.


If you manage to digest what I’ve written above, then you should have no problems in choosing your smartphone. Remember, no phone is perfect, not even the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. When there is a compromise, you are still able to find a way to work around on it, take my advise above to overcome your ‘No expandable storage, no removable battery’ fear.


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