Today, the smartphone world is dominated by two words – Galaxy and iPhone. These are the two products that revolutionize the way we use smartphones. From multi-touch to hand gestures, a mere 3.5 inch screen to 8 inch, single core processors to octa core processors, low resolution displays to 1080p displays. These innovations are brought by these two companies – Apple andSamsung, and they’ve come a long way.

But the problem arises here, whenever a consumer is given a choice to purchase a smartphone, let’s assume that most of them have good money to burn in their pockets, their choices are torn apart from either a Galaxy smartphone or iPhone. Friends of them will have iOS loyalists and Samsung diehard fans, and this makes them difficult to choose their preferred smartphone. Read on this post and you will definitely know which one to choose.

  1. Ecosystem

    What is ecosystem? Why do we need to care about ecosystem when we purchase our smartphone? Simply saying, ecosystem is defined by how your smartphone works well with other hardware, software or even services. So we drill down operating systems, Galaxy smartphones are using Android and iPhone is using its own iOS operating system. Android is a pretty much an open-source operating system which allows you to customize your phone to the max, whereas iOS is pretty much a locked down operating system unless you jailbreak it, so the differences in here is already quite obvious, one gives you flexibility and the latter gives you a more controlled experience. Now to ecosystem, see below:

    Android – With Android, you get locked into Google’s suite of services and applications, such as Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Plus, Notes, Maps, Chrome etc. They all work with each other very well and you can even continue using the services when you get back to your PC or Mac. In terms of hardware support, Android devices offer a really good support on additional hardware, such as USB On-the-go (OTG) which allows you to access your external storage via a USB cable, and also allows you to throw content to your DLNA enabled electronic devices at home.

    Making your decision –
    If you’re comfortable with Android’s hardware flexibility and using Google services a lot, then give yourselves a point here.

Choice: Galaxy or iPhone? 1

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iOS – With iOS, you’re going to have to use most of Apple’s products and services to really enjoy the best of its products. Apple sets its devices very focused on each purpose, for example, the iPhone is your smartphone for making calls and having some light mobile entertainment, the iPad is your tablet that allows you to do simple computing tasks and have some serious entertainment on it; and the Mac is your full computer which is used to manage both your iPad and iPhone and allows you to do what a normal PC can do. With Apple’s iCloud service, you get to have all of your contents such as music, documents, photos and movies synced with of your iOS devices where you get to retrieve them no matter what device you use. Although iOS devices may not have the hardware flexibility like Android, it has one killer feature – the Lightning Connector or 30-pin port; Try looking for a mobile speaker dock that has a microUSB port that does both charging and sending data to the speaker, only iOS devices can do that.

Making your decision – If you currently have a lot of Apple devices, or want to have a centralized experience in your digital life, give yourselves a point here.

Choice: Galaxy or iPhone? 2

  1. An iPhone speaker dock that lets you play music and charge the device at the same time

  2. Practicality

    A smartphone should be helpful in your daily life, not making your life more complicated. But I have to say that smartphones today are neither user friendly or going to make your life any simpler, so let’s forget about talking the software experience on both Galaxy smartphones and iPhone, let’s see the factors below that we think that may help you decide the practicality of the smartphone you want to choose.

    Galaxy – Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone has come a long way, they offer really good software features when they come out with a new flagship phone every year. When I talk about Galaxy smartphone, I’m talking about all of its ranges, not only the high end ones like the Note 2 and Galaxy S4. Galaxy smartphones offer you in a range of screen sizes and more or less the same form factor, and uncompromised features that many other smartphone manufacturers cannot provide. So we drill down to Samsung’s well known features – octa-core processors, gigantic screen sizes, S-Pen, air gestures, eye scrolling, S-Health, S-Voice; these features may not be available on all ranges of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone range, but you will eventually get to use them here and there.

    Making your decision – If you don’t mind compromises in Samsung’s software features in its devices here and there, or always wanting to get Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphone, and enjoy those gimmicky offerings by them, give yourselves a point here.

    iPhone – Apple doesn’t offer too much gimmicks in its software offerings, instead, Apple focuses on providing the similar experience across their devices, even on Mac OS X, you still see instances of iOS everywhere. As I mentioned in the ecosystem section, an Apple experience is only complete when you have their full line of products. This is why the design language, feature improvements, and software offerings of the iPhone is pretty much the same even if you switch from an old model to the latest one. But do note here, Apple will exclude some of its features due to hardware limitations of the iPhone, remember Siri and Apple Maps Navigation between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S? But still, the experience doesn’t change just because of this.

    Making your decision – If you are a person who wants to get used to things, don’t want changes here and there, require a similar experience across a manufacturer’s products, and give yourselves a plus point here

  3. Pricing

    Perhaps the most convincing decision factor of all, is the price that you have to pay for a Galaxy smartphone or iPhone. However, a cheaper and better featured phone isn’t necessarily going to win, neither an expensive and lesser feature phone is going to scare you away from buying it.

    GalaxySamsung’s smartphone is competitively priced against many manufacturers, and they have price drops very frequently. Yes, they release flagships annually, but you may not get to enjoy those features released on their latest and greatest on your old faithful. And you might even get a different user experience once you switch from your old SamsungGalaxy smartphone to a new one. With the price tag Samsung is offering for its flagship, you get to have uncompromised features such as removable battery, expandable storage or even get the best processor and network connectivity options, that is enough to convince a lot of consumers to purchase a Galaxy smartphone. You get the best bang out of your Ringgit/Buck, that’s how the saying goes. J

Making your decision – If you are an adventurous user, and want features that doesn’t feel outdated and cheap price, then give yourselves a plus point here

iPhone – iPhone’s pricing is always fixed, even with a newer version released every year or after some time of its release, that price doesn’t change. Which gives you the impression that Apple controls its pricing very well and doesn’t make you feel like you’re losing money after using the phone for some time. Unlike Samsung, Apple remains its features most of the time with its new announcement of an iPhone, and they try to squeeze features of their new flagship back to their old devices. And most importantly, you are guaranteed to get the latest and greatest iOS version until your device can’t support it. Apple doesn’t offer a lot of gimmicky functions like Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone do, but at least they offer you features that is similar across its old and new devices, which in long term, you may save up not requiring to switch to a new flagship phone every year.

Making your decision – If you want a phone that can last you for years, and have the same set of features across its new and old flagship devices, then give yourselves a plus point here


So people, here are the three main decision factors that you may want to consider when you’re being torn apart from buying aGalaxy smartphone and iPhone. Do share with us in the comments on what you think is a decision factor when you’re faced with the same situation.


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