Seriously, Nokia, what has happened to you recently? Your investors are angry at you for not selling your products well, and you are not able to gain back market share like you have in a long long time ago. Stephen Elop, are you still going to put your bets on Windows Phones bringing Nokia back into the game? Let’s discuss on the few points below that why Nokia’s sales is not going anywhere good, the points are discussed based in Malaysia:

1. No continuous marketing and advertising

Nokia has been going strong on advertising its Lumia line of phones, you can see it everywhere – billboards, newspapers, TV advertisements. They are making use of Windows Phone’s unique metro style interface to do the marketing, and consumers immediately set their mind on Nokia that they are one Windows Phone manufacturer, this is a good thing but, after all the hoo-hah that they’ve been doing, have you ever seen another Nokia advertisement pop up on TV or billboards. I mean, yes, you still get to see them a long the streets, but are they ensuring that their product visibility is still strong enough? Take a look at the advertisement below:

Yes, it’s iPhone 5’s advertisement, why am I taking this as an example? When people buy a smartphone, they will forget that their smartphone is so fully featured and they just use it only for calling and working. This advertisement reminds people that theiPhone 5 is still brilliant after some time(even though I don’t really think it is brilliant as of now), and Nokia needs to do something similar to remind customers on their great technology – Pureview Camera, Maps, Music and its exclusivity status to WindowsPhone.

2. N Series, E Series, where are you?

Remember the last few years where Nokia rule the mobile world? Even after the original iPhone’s release and Android’s young age, Nokia is still preferred by many users. You may say Symbian sucks, but ask yourselves, do you ever have serious problems or compromises when using Symbian? Fast forwarding to today, where we have Octa Core smartphones and 1080p displays, Symbian is so yesterday, but let me ask you this, does Symbian have fragmentation? Does a Symbian smartphone have repairability issues? You should know the answer.

N Series and E Series are the champion phones from Nokia that runs on Symbian, and they are that successful even though it’s running an ancient smartphone platform, because of one keyword – Image. With the N-Series branding, people are inclined to think that those were super multimedia smartphones, remember how the N95 and N93 wowed people? If you compare those advertisements to smartphone advertisements today, they are still stunning and wonderful to watch. E-Series, the business smartphone, is very successful until today, you still see people using them especially the QWERTY keyboard E71 and E72 because of it’s build quality and stability, best of all, the battery life rocks! How can you find a smartphone that lasts 2 days on a heavy usage nowadays with only a 1500mah battery?

So Nokia, bring back the N-Series and E-Series branding, I assure that you will still sell your devices well. Smile

Nokia N95 advertisement:

Nokia N93 advertisement:

Nokia E71 Advertisement:

3. Late software updates to Lumia devices

Nokia may have the exclusivity to work much more on the Windows Phone operating system. But the recent Windows Phone portico update have not reached most of its Lumia devices, as compared to HTC’s Windows Phone 8X and 8S, they’ve already received the Portico update 4-5 months back. So what’s going on with you Nokia? Are you having trouble in porting your apps to be compatible with the new Portico update or something is delaying them?

4. Microsoft

Microsoft is also to blame for not integrating it’s Windows ecosystem well enough, and also, the delaying and lacking of some important features to Windows Phone is simply enough to kill Nokia. I’ve to admit here, I love Windows Phone, I love the way how it’s designed and navigating the user interface, however your apps and ecosystem is seriously lagging behind your competitors, and of course I do see improvements from Microsoft these days.


Nokia needs to start following other manufacturers, such as HTC and Samsung in developing phones for multiple platforms, merely strengthening themselves on the hardware and software offering isn’t going to attract users over to buy their products. At least their competitor Blackberry Z10 supports sideloading Android 2.3 apps, which is seriously much more better compared to a limited WindowsPhone. And finally, bring back the N-Series and E-Series, if you have an N-Series or E-Series Android device, I’m sold!

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