YES! HTC Malaysia, you hear it from, your marketing campaign sucks!

Friends of me should know that I’m a great fan of HTC and I’ve always tell them why I prefer HTC to other brands such asSamsung, Apple etc. What makes me write this editorial is because I really don’t want this company to fail again in selling this great device. I’m calling their so called “Agent One” or #whatwillubring2life marketing campaign a serious failure. And here’s why:

1. Not advertising your product earlier than your competitor

I know those tech followers are going to shoot me – they did announce earlier than Samsung Galaxy S4, why are you saying this? Well, let’s jump back to HTC’s presence to the last two years. Their iconic devices for the past two years, namely the HTC Sensation, HTC One X and HTC Butterfly, are beautiful devices and have fantastic advertisements on their YouTube channel; but where are those advertisements? Have you ever seen them on TV? Digital Signages? Even if they do advertise on those places, are they gaining enough publicity?

The answer is NO! For me, I’m not seeing enough publicity on those devices because when I talked to my friends about them, they don’t even know what or how does those phones look like, until I show them a picture of the phone then they are like “WOW! Why didn’t you tell me that there is such a device and I wouldn’t have spent my investment on a new iPhone or Galaxyphone.”

Coming back to the current new HTC One, it is a great device, it has the build quality and performance everybody desires, but have you seen their presence in newspapers, billboards or on public transports yet? NO! All you get to see around now is only Samsung’s Galaxy S4, Samsung announces their flagship later than HTC, question is, why are they able to advertise it to the public that soon? Have you ran out of marketing budget, HTC Malaysia?

Advertisement of HTC Butterfly in China:

Advertisement of HTC One X:


2. Your price is too expensive!

I don’t know who to blame here, either Brightstar or SiS Distribution, but your RRP for the One is simply too expensive – RM2299! Are you nuts?! The Samsung Galaxy S4 which offers a better package and specs sheet is only selling at RM2199! Yes, you can simply say, Samsung is plastic but HTC is metal, so what? Consumers nowadays want no compromise hardware, they want removable batteries, storage card and most importantly the specs sheet sell! The Octa Core processor on the Galaxy S4 may seem nothing to us techies but to those consumers out there, they will think “WAH! Octa core means faster lo, and cheaper thanHTC One leh!”, see the problem here HTC Malaysia? Your price scares away consumers! Even I myself feel that it could be so much cheaper since Taiwan is only selling the phone at NTD19990 (don’t start telling me that HTC is from Taiwan so it’s cheaper there, I’ve checked out the prices at Taiwan and they’re no cheaper than Malaysia).

HTC Malaysia, your HTC One Marketing is C-R-A-P! 1

(Image crop: DiGi)

3. You are still not aggressive enough in promoting your product’s features

I’ve to praise Samsung for being the “Samseng” (gangster in Malay) in the smartphone market, they always poke fun of other manufacturers who doesn’t have better features than them, even though I do not like them doing in that way, but that’s how you win people’s heart over! People just want to know whether they have the best smartphone device, and since you boast about your features – HTC BoomSound, Beats Audio, HTC Sense, BlinkFeed, ImageSense, UltraPixel. Why don’t you put them in your ads and educate consumers? Additionally, even if Samsung Galaxy’s gimmicky features doesn’t translate into good real world usage, people are still sold on it because they feel that they got the extra bang for the ringgit that they pay when they buy their devices. Take a look at last year’s Samsung Galaxy S3’s advertisement, it is so heart warming and a typical consumer would get ‘Samsunged’

And their ‘samseng’ advertisement, it’s the truth!

4. You’re not making use of additional “marketing resources” in Malaysia

Take a look at Taiwan, they have Mayday and Lee Hom in promoting the HTC One. What about Malaysia? NO! Not even a single bit of effort is used to pump up the heat on the HTC One’s arrival. They could’ve find local artists to promote the HTC One (or even me…joking =) ). And the same question again, have you ran out of marketing budget, HTC Malaysia?

HTC Malaysia, your HTC One Marketing is C-R-A-P! 2

(Image credit: ePrice)

5. You just have to educate consumers on “WHY CHOOSE HTC” and “WHO IS HTC”?

HTC’s devices are really made of good materials, and boast a handful of useful stuffs on it. You should educate consumers by telling them your history – what you’ve done? what you’ve achieved? And your achievements made me a great fan of you! Beats Audio is one of the best acquisitions that you have made, but why do you stop bundling Beats headphones with your smartphones? Even if this is a global decision, the marketing team could’ve done more by promoting the audio performance on the phone or bundling headsets to early bird purchasers. View the video below to see what HTC really is:

The Quietly Brilliant Story of HTC

And finally, it all comes down to one word – Publicity. HTC’s failure in selling it’s products in Malaysia is all about it’s presence, just stop spending your money on stupid marketing campaigns asking people to search for you around KL, you have been unfair to all Malaysians, why not you make a tour trip? Seriously, if they hire me for just only RM10k, I will make their marketing GROW!!

HTC Malaysia, your HTC One Marketing is C-R-A-P! 3

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