Watch our 2nd episode of our gadget review — My almost 7 month old Sony SmartWatch. Yes, you may think that such review may be dated as this product was selling few months back. But ask yourself, how many people know what exactly a smart watch is? A quote from Wikipedia:

“A smartwatch or smart watch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality enhanced beyond timekeeping, often with features comparable to a PDA.”

The above statement is very correct, a smart watch have features that is comparable to a PDA. However, people have mistaken smart watch’s to totally replace their smart phones, most of us thought that smart watch has the ability to make phone calls by speaking on to it, messaging to a friend on it and all kinds of crazy stuffs. But let me tell you this, a smart watch is NOT going to replace your smartphone; put it in this way – a smart watch is a wonderful companion to be paired with your smartphone, it syncs information from your smartphone; it saves you the convenience of taking your phone out when you simply want to ignore that notification.

To understand how the Sony SmartWatch works, watch the YouTube video! Do give us a thumbs up on the video if you like what you saw and leave us some comments. Enjoy!

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