Hi Readers,

My name is Warren Lee, editor-in-chief for KLGadgetGuy.com, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. First of all, let’s talk a bit of the site. The name – KLGadgetGuy.com, was named for those people who likes IT gadgets; and people who loves IT gadgets – loves tech (every inch of it). So when we talk about tech, we talk about computers, smratphones, programming languages, hardware modification etc. Crazy right?! Tech touches every part of our life, whether in your house, workplace, car – basically everywhere!! The reason why I put KL at the front of the domain, I’m not saying that this site is meant for KL-ites, but meant for Malaysians, and will be marketed to the whole world that this is a premier Malaysia tech site! Well, Malaysia’s capital is KL (Kuala Lumpur) mah! That’s why I called the site KL’s (aka Malaysia’s) Gadget Guy(s) arena/club/community, whichever you name it. :-)

In a nutshell, this is going to be a centralized portal for techy people, who loves their ideas and abilities to be presented to the world. Of course, a WordPress blog may mean nothing for you tech geeks. But, the site will grow, using this platform is easier to maintain and user friendly for every one.

So, let’s get KLGadgetGuy.com started! And gradually make it everyone’s favorite site! And make foreigners feel the passion for this site, like MH (Malaysian Hospitality). And finally, please do not forget to do the following:

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Sincerely yours,

Warren Lee


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