Gesture control is still relatively new and some companies are still integrating this technology into their products. However computer interaction researcher, Denys Matthies has took it a step further by creating a prototype earbuds that would allow the user to control their music and give commands to your phone simply by detecting the facial expressions of the user through the ear canals.

Matthies has come to a conclusion, that when a user shows expressions on their face, their ear canals will also react to the change of expressions. Using electric fields, the earbuds are able to detect the bends and flexes of the ear canals when expressions are formed on a persons face. At the current moment, this ear buds can detect 5 separate movements with a 90 percent accuracy smiling, winking, making a "shh" sound, open mouth and turning your head side to side. 

Matthies will be presenting his research at the human-computer interaction conference in Colorado this May. He also added that he does not want to replace current input methods but rather, supplement it. This earbuds will not only give ease of access to users but it could help those that are limited by disabilities to interact and have access to such technology. 

Source: TheVerge, Image Credit: DailyMail