As a game developer you can only go so far as to not listen to your audience when it comes to developing the next game. Example here would be Star Wars Battlefront, EA has made a statement saying that the next installment in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise will include a single-player campaign, and what is probably the most surprising statement from EA is that the game will have no season pass.

The reason behind this is that EA does not want to segment players from each other with a DLC limitation. They go on to add that for this type of game, a season pass is not the best thing, and they need to come out with a plan to make that better. This is not the first game they produce that will not have a season pass, as Titanfall 2 was the first game from EA that did not have a season pass, which is probably the reason that Titanfall 2 is still going strong. 

What is slightly dodgy, is that one of the heads of EA that was being interviewed in the recent event mention to withhold the information about Star Wars Battlefront 2 not having a season pass as they are still under discussion on how they would want to handle the paid content expect of the game. Lets just hope that EA is turning away from their old habits of the past and following in the foot steps of Titanfall 2.

Source: PC Gamer