Lossless music may be coming to Spotify in the very near future as it appears that the service is offering an add-on for those who are currently subscribed to Spotify Premium.

The add-on in question is called Spotify Hi-Fi, and as the Hi-Fi moniker implies, this add-on will give Spotify Premium users access to loseless CD quality audio files. While the add-on may seem attractive to some, judging from early impressions from some people who have seen this offer, Spotify Hi-Fi may not be ready for launch just yet.

For one, the pricing for the add-on currently fluctuates between USD5, USD7.50 and USD10. Additionally, those who’ve decided to take up the offer were greeted with a message stating that “this service isn’t available in your area at this time”.

While the feature may not be available quite yet, it is encouraging to see that Spotify does have a plan to implement lossless audio into its streaming service. 

Source: The Verge, Reddit