It seems like not only Xiaomi Malaysia is starting a sale tomorrow, Samsung isn’t just sitting there and wait to be defeated, the company has just announced that their GALAXY Note 3 Neo is going on sale from 20 May until 22 May for only RM850 from an original price of RM1699.

The GALAXY Note 3 Neo is a lower end version of the original GALAXY Note 3, which features an Exynos 5260 Hexa Core Chip, 2GB RAM, 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display at 720p resolution, 16GB Internal Storage with MicroSD Expansion and supports LTE networks. The phone also gets a lower 8 Megapixel main camera and only supports USB 2.0 file transfer.

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While the Note 3 Neo has some compromises, it is still worth buying if you’re only looking at its S-Pen features. However here’s the catch, there’s only 1240 units up for grabs and it is only available at Samsung Brand Stores nationwide. If you think you don’t have the luck to grab a Xiaomi Mi3 tomorrow, the GALAXY Note 3 Neo is probably a good choice if you’re urgently looking for a phone. Visit the source link for a list of Samsung Brand Stores.

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